INTEGRATION AND ANALYTICS INFRASTRUCTURE: We orchestrate solution requirements with real-time design modelstorming and then rapidly deliver robust, easily supported, easily extended solutions for analytics and business intelligence. Time savings of 50% are not unusual.
INFORMATION AND DATA MODELING with business glossaries and data lineage (sources and intended uses). We document and publish knowledge, business rules and data, thereby improving communication across your teams and with trusted partners.
DATA ARTISTRY: We transform your most mind-numbing reports into delightfully clear, visual performance indicators and custom multi-drill dashboards and then train your people to build them and share the insights.
MANAGED SELF SERVICE ANALYTICS: We automate your workflows for data blending, geospatial and predictive analytics, thereby freeing your analysts from 80% of error-prone data wrangling to refocus on analysis, presentation and collaboration.
AGILE EXECUTION: We ensure project success by writing and grooming a library of requirements with your subject matter experts, breaking down and specifying user stories into acceptance criteria and test cases, all organized into planned releases. In the midst of ongoing stand-up sessions with team members, we complete our own deliverables while orchestrating teamwork, removing impediments and measuring progress.