Experian Consumer Services (ECS) recently rolled out its next-generation direct-to-consumer credit report subscription service, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), john-armentrout-mugshotleveraging many of the AWS components (Dynamo Streams, Dynamo DB, S3, and Redshift). This new core platform also introduced changes to ECS’s business model itself – meaning changes to rules, data availability granularity.  In this context, Daniel very successfully performed two critical functions for us:

1. As our Tableau expert, he enabled our Super Users to become more self-sufficient at reporting and analytics. Super Users were tasked with creating reports and analytic dashboards to validate a myriad of critical business processes in our new new cloud-based, core line-of-business application for direct-to-consumer credit report subscription services.  Daniel provided us with wonderful support in accomplishing the above. Specifically…

Daniel expertly trained and mentored our Super Users in Tableau Dashboard development and analytic collaboration on Tableau Server, so that we could perform our own exploratory analyses.  He resolved countless dashboard development issues for Super Users. Setup, secured and administered our Tableau Server projects for dashboard sharing, testing, and collaboration. He coached individual Super-Users to sharply differentiate emergency responses to hot issues from the creation of durable, high performance semantics.  He also helped us establish and grow our self-service business intelligence capability

2. As our consulting Data Architect as well, Daniel introduced us to Data Vault, an emerging logical data warehouse architecture allowing us to accomplish robust, loosely-coupled data integration for operational reporting and analytics — despite ongoing enhancements to data integrity within the core data-source system as well as the aforementioned fluidity of underlying business rules and metrics.  Daniel advised and lead the data warehouse team to optimize our data warehouse solution’s logical structure with great confidence, even in the midst of the above ongoing changes to our core data platform, which had previously held us back from initiating a new Business Intelligence capability.

Lastly, Daniel helped us establish a successful self-service Business Intelligence initiative in a challenging context, in which business analysts from across ECS learned Tableau and collaborated in performing not only operational and analytic reporting, but even validation of required source system transactional processes during the core transactional system’s go-live and customer-traffic ramp-up periods.

John Armentrout, Sr. Dir. Data Services, Experian Consumer Services (May 2016)